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Hera is the sixth planet in the Asali system.


Type Jovian
Distance from star 19.894 AU
Mass 86.319 Earth masses

6.710 Earth masses dust 79.609 Earth masses gas

Equatorial radius 47778.9 Km
Density 1.13 grams/cc
Eccentrity of orbit 0.054
Escape velocity 38.0 Km/sec
Molecular weight retained 0.0 and above (H, H2, He, N, O, CH4, NH3</sub<, H2O)
Axial Tilt 55°
Planetary albedo 0.46
Exospheric temperature 9.07°K
Length of year 79.60 Earth years (66298.55 Local days)
Length of day 10.53 hours


Hera has fourteen moons, a small number for a gas giant of its size. One moon, referred to as Hera VI307, is of interest to Lashian scientists as it produces a large amount of dark energy