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Osiris is the fifth planet in the Asali system.


Type Sub-Jovian
Distance from star 11.844 AU
Mass 18.500 Earth masses

3.187 Earth masses dust 15.313 Earth masses gas

Equatorial radius 29198.3 Km
Density 1.06 grams/cc
Eccentrity of orbit 0.067
Escape velocity 22.5 Km/sec
Molecular weight retained 0.0 and above (H, H2, He, N, O, CH4, NH3, H2O)
Axial Tilt 48°
Planetary albedo 0.52
Exospheric temperature 25.59°K
Length of year 36.57 Earth years (23072.34 Local days)
Length of day 13.89 hours


Osiris has 13 moons, and is also home to the Osiris Space Station, a defunct station that was abandoned after extremely radioactive material was smuggled aboard.