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Pelorum is the fourth planet in the Asali system.


Type Jovian
Distance from star 4.964 AU
Mass 1915.126 Earth masses

79.080 Earth masses dust 1836.046 Earth masses gas

Equatorial radius 105099.9 Km
Density 2.35 grams/cc
Eccentrity of orbit 0.130
Escape velocity 120.6 Km/sec
Molecular weight retained 0.0 and above (H, H2, He, N, O, CH4, NH3</sub<, H2O)
Axial Tilt 42°
Planetary albedo 0.46
Exospheric temperature 145.70°K
Length of year 9.90 Earth years (17654.25 Local days)
Length of day 4.92 hours


Pelorum has 73 moons, most of them captured asteroids. The largest, and most famous, moons are Dori, Corla, Uvel, Tala and Ryne. Ryne is the largest of the five and is believed to have living creatures, but no official studies have been conducted, due to the risk of possible Kravan attacks.