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Shadow is the third planet in the Asali system.


Planet Type Venusian, High-G, hot, arid, cloudy, boiling ocean, unbreathable atmosphere
Distance from Star 1.846 AU
Mass 1.937 Earth masses

1.922 Earth masses dust 0.015 Earth masses gas

Surface Gravity 1.23 Earth gees
Surface pressure 428134 millibars
Surface Temperature 1104.9°C (2020.9°F)
Equatorial Radius 8009.5 Km
Density 5.61 grams/cc
Eccentricity of orbit 0.082
Escape velocity 13.9 Km/sec
Molecular weight retained 3.4 and above (He, N, O, CH4, NH3, H2</sub<O, Ne, N2)
Axial Tilt 32°
Planetary albedo 0.52
Exospheric temperature 1053.91°K
Length of year 2.25 Earth years (1426.69 Local days)
Length of day 13.82 hours
Boiling point of water 402.0°C (755.6°F)
Hydrosphere percentage 0.0
Cloud cover percentage 100.0
Ice cover percentage 0.0


Shadow has two moons, referred to as XZ405 and XZ406. XZ406 is believed to be a captured asteroid due to the satellite's strange shape.